Are you a student on the hunt for an impactful way to get volunteer hours?

TechExplore club

Assist Workshops run at Schools across the GTA

Help inspire the next generation of innovators! Join our network of mentors and help run a 60-90 minute workshop. We handle all  the heavy-lifting for you. Our team will schedule it with a nearby, interested school and pair you with an instructor.

We run workshops during school AND after school. We can work to find timings and locations that work best for you.

Did we mention,  you get volunteer hours and lots of ’em!

TechExplore club

Become a Part of Our Support-Team

We are looking for motivated young adults who believe in helping others, and want to help TechExplore accomplish it’s mission of getting tech education in front of more kids. Some examples of roles that we are looking to be filled on our core team are: Website Manager, Social Media Manager, and Video Editor.

Why Do So Many Students Want to Join the Team?

  • To Gain Work Experience. Going into post-secondary and beyond, the number one thing that employers are looking for is work experience. The earlier you start,  the more you will develop your skillset, the greater the lead you will get on others.
  • To Take a Leadership Position Working in an Up-and-Coming Startup. The world needs more leaders and visionaries like yourself. Show future employers what you are capable of, and step up to the challenge. Work hard, and become a leader in the movement we are causing.
  • To Meet Industry Leaders.  TechExplore is growing a team of advocates who work with us to create change. This group of advocates includes powerful Tech-CEOs, educators, and other influential individuals in the community. Show your work off to these leaders, make connections and ensure a brighter future for yourself.
  • To Fight For an Important Cause. Technology-literacy and problem-solving skills are necessary in this changing world. The school system is falling behind and letting down this generation. It’s time for this generation to take our future, back into our hands by putting technology education where it belongs – in schools. In the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Stand up with us and TAKE ACTION.

Interested? Apply Now

***School hours refers to the hours of the school you are assigned and not necessarily YOUR school hours