Board of Advisors

Shiv Venkataraman

VP of Engineering Google – Search Ads.

Shivakumar Venkataraman is Vice President of Engineering for Google’s Advertising Infrastructure and Payments Systems. He received his BS in Computer Science from IIT, Madras in 1990 and received his MS and PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1991 and 1996 respectively. From 1996 to 2000, he worked on the development of IBM’s federated query optimizers and associated technologies. He worked with Cohera Corporation, PeopleSoft, Required Technologies, and AdeSoft. He also served as a Visiting Faculty member at UC Berkeley in 2002. He has been with Google since 2003. At Google, Dr. Venkataraman is recognized for the vision in the development of critical technologies for databases: scalable distributed database management system F1, scalable data warehousing solution Mesa, scalable log-processing system Photon, among others. He also led the payments engineering team from 2013 to 2017. Presently, starting in May of 2016, he has been leading the Google search ads engineering team.

Ken Nickerson, CEO, iBinary LLC.

Ken Nickerson

CEO, iBinary LLC.

Ken Nickerson is the CEO of iBinary LLC. Formerly, he spent a decade at Microsoft, five years at Rogers Communications, and several years in banking and insurance developing emergent systems. As VP of Technology at Rogers, Mr. Nickerson brought a software focus with the design and development of INMS (sold to AT&T) and later the bridging of data networks via cable and access to Internet pre-Web. At Microsoft, Mr. Nickerson initiated streaming media via LAN, the acquisition of Hotmail, and the build of MSN. Mr. Nickerson is actively engaged in philanthropy focused on early education needs and enjoys traveling with his family.

Vernon Kee

STEM Educator, UTS || Recipient of Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence 2013
Toronto, Canada

Vernon Kee is a former engineer turned teacher who specializes in teaching high school robotics and career guidance. He loves tinkering and is constantly looking for new ways to improve education for his students. Mr. Kee is continuously upgrading his class and equipment to match emerging technologies including Arduino, Lilypad, Lego robotics, Scratch, Makeblock, mBot, mBlock, 3d printing, TInkercad and more. He is also passionate about teaching careers, coaching and running extra-curricular activities.