Making Technology Education Accessible

Our Mission

TechExplore is a youth-run social enterprise that aims to give all students an opportunity to explore technology.

Through in-school workshops, TechExplore has helped inspire over a thousand kids in tech. TechExplore’s work has been featured in the Toronto Star, and the Board of Advisors quickly grew to include prominent executives like Shiv Venkataraman, VP of Engineering – Search Ads at Google and Ken Nickerson, CEO of iBinary LLC.

Introducing TechExplore Live

In our first year, we saw overwhelming demand from parents, teachers, and students (hear from students, teachers, and other advocates). So, we are going online so that kids all around the world will have a chance to become TechExplorers. This Fall 2019, we are launching┬áTechExplore Live, the world’s first ever online tech-classroom, where we help students in grades 2-7, to learn about building, coding, and programming.